Taj Mahal Restaurant is a business run by the Mehmood family, who have 2 restaurants in Wellington and over 40 years experience in cooking and serving fine cuisine. Taj Mahal Restaurant serves Traditional Balti in the Traditional Wok and Naan breads that are out of this world, extra large and very tasty!



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Taj Mahal Restaurant is a Contemporary Indian Cuisine newly introduced located in Wellington, Telford.

Taj Mahal Telford offers all the traditional dishes freshly prepared and cooked by our chefs from the popular Curry Mile in Manchester. Our chefs have many years experience to cater for any need so come and enjoy one of the delicous meals with friends or family whilst relaxing in a tranquil yet modern dining area.

We pride ourselves with the high standard in food and service we offer to our customers. We had a lot of customer feedback for good service and texture in food. Taj Mahal is amongst the best Telford Indian Restaurants.


The Taj Mahal Restaurant has many advantages over other restaurants in Telford some of which are our best Cafe.

The management welcomes your suggestions and our patronage will be glad to help you with your selections. We look forward to many more opportunities of serving you. Our fully licensed restaurant offers you a wonderfully unique experience in food and atmosphere